Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
AIR F-35A AA-1 Flight Top lg.jpg
Type Stealth Multirole Fighter
Country of Origin United States
Service History and Status
Used by U.S. Airforce

U.S. Marine Corps

Various Export Customers

Status Initial Testing and Production
Production Information
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Production History 2006-
Length F-35A: 15.7m

F-35B: 15.6m

F-35C: 15.7m

Height F-35A: 4.33m
Wingspan F-35A: 10.7 m

F-35B: 10.7 m

F-35C: 13.1 m

Weight F-35A: 13,300 kg

F-35B: 14,700 kg

F-35C: 15,800 kg

Speed Mach 1.6
Crew 1

The F-35 Lightning II was developed by Lockheed Martin. It was the product of the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program.

Design and Development[]


  • F-35A : The smallest and lightest F-35. Used by the US Air Force and other air forces.
  • F-35B : This STOVL (Short TakeOff and Vertical Landing) version of the F-35
  • F-35C : The US Navy Variant. Carries more weight and has larger wings to increase low speed control and slower landing.
  • F-35I : F-35A with Israeli modifications
  • CF-35 : F-35A with Canadian modifications