Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 'Foxbat'
Type Interceptor, Reconnaissance
Country of Origin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Service History and Status
Used by Russian Air Force

Algerian Air Force Syrian Air Force Turkmen military

Status Limited service
Production Information
Manufacturer Mikoyan-Gurevich
Production History {{{Production History}}}
Length 64' 10"
Height 20' .25"
Wingspan 45' 11.5"
Weight Unloaded-44,080 lbs

Loaded-80, 952 lbs

Speed Fastest continual-1920 mph

Fastest attained-2170 mph

Crew 1 (2 in reconnaissance model)

The MiG-25 (NATO reporting name Foxbat) is the world's fastest combat aircraft. It was manufactured in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


When the Americans unveiled their A-12 bomber, the Soviets responded to the new threat with the MiG-25. Though the A-12 morphed into the now-famous SR-71 Blackbird, production of the Foxbat progressed. To this day it remains the world's fastest armed aircraft.


In many ways the Foxbat resembles an over-sized F-15. It has the same boxy intakes, the slightly-same look on the wing, two vertical fins, and two huge exhausts. When American analysts first saw the MiG-25, they were amazed and worried. Intially, the Americans assumed that the Foxbat had superior handling due to the size of the wings; in reality, the Foxbat was extremely heavy, being made of steel instead of aluminum. Soon, the Americans found all the Foxbat's flaws after Viktor Belenko of the Soviet air force flew to Hokodate Airport in Japan. Being an interceptor, speed was more necessary than maneuverability.